Scarborough Citadel Community Church

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What to Expect

Getting into the building

Do you come by bus along Lawrence? Please enter through the front doors on Lawrence.

If you come from the south? The back doors are open.

Have a car? We have underground parking. Drive up to the parking garage door and it will open - no card or key required.

Park on P1 - the first level you drive on.

There are elevators or stairs. Take them to the Ground level and you will arrive at the Foyer and Sanctuary where we hold our church services.


What next?

Someone will greet you in the foyer. The Sanctuary, where we meet for worship, is through the doors. 

You are welcome to sit anywhere you like. If the main floor auditorium is full please make your way to the 2nd floor (take the elevator in the foyer). As you exit the elevator walk through the doors ahead and the balcony is on your left.

We like to sing in church. We have a brass band, as well as piano and guitars to accompany our singing. The words will be on the screen at the front (like Karaoke). If you like to sing, join us. If not we hope you enjoy the music.

Half way through the service we will take up an offering. If you're visiting with us there is no pressure to give. If you would like to give - thank you! The money goes to pay for the cost of the building and the staff, including the Corps Officers/Pastors.

Special offerings throughout the year go to helping those in need, locally and globally.

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Someone will read from the Bible. There are Bibles in the pews or you can follow the words on the screen. The Corps Officer/Pastor will talk about the passage and invite us to think about how it impacts us today.


After the worship service grab a coffee or tea, a cookie or two, and hang out with us.

It would be great to meet you!